About Us

Pinewood’s Huskies has been around since 2010 and we started our business with the name All Off Road. Company’s home base was, for the first six years, located in Leppävirta, Eastern Finland. Our first dogs were Siberian huskies but we soon bought our very first Alaskan huskies. And that was love at first sight.

We continued our business there in this small and rustic Savo municipality until year 2016 when we came to decision to go and try our luck here in Lapland. It didn’t take long to prove to be the right decision. Thick snow blankets during winter and breathtaking view is what really makes this the best possible place for us and the dogs.

All of our dogs are Alaskan huskies. We breed dogs whose beauty lies in their pleasant character. The most rewarding to us is to see that the dogs really enjoy for what they do. Along the road on kennel life we have noticed how healthy these Alaskan huskies really are. Our dogs are not bred for beauty standards. Blue eyes and fluffy fur are not what we expect from our huskies. Instead it’s the lively attitude combined with healthy physics.

We feel that now days many dog breeds are bred too far and that only thing that matters is the looks. That is why we think that it is better to keep dog’s health in mind rather than the looks and our experience has proved that this is the right way to honor the dogs and responsible traveling.

By the way, all of our 41 dogs are all very human-friendly so this is a real paradise for you if you would like to spend some time together with dogs here in Lapland.